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An Eye Opening Seminar

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Swill Coffee & Wine

10am to 4pm

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Debra Lynn Deming, MBA, CHt

Effective communication speaks to the whole brain, conscious and subconscious. As a Subconscious Behaviorist, I understand the symbols that motivate human actions and employ them effectively using the latest online tools and behavioral science. Whether you are looking to understand and modify the behaviors of your customers and clients or your own behaviors for increased success, I will use my magic powers on your behalf to illuminate the leverage points that initiate change and move the masses.

Wordpress Websites
  • Why?
    • Great Design Options
    • Flexible
    • Easy to Use
    • A Plethora of Plug-ins
    • Great Support
    • Always Improving
    • #1 Site Building Tool
User Experience Design
  • Why?
    • It’s Always About The User
    • And Creating Habits
    • And Loyalty
    • And Referrals
    • And ….
3 To 7 Seconds
  • Why?
    • That is all the time you have to get and keep your visitors attention
Content Creation
  • Why?
    • Relevant, timely provocative content is not only what your visitors love, it is what Google loves.
    • You want to get found, you need great, on-going content
Social Media
  • Why?
    • I don’t think anyone asks that question anymore, they know why.
On Paper
  • Why?
    • You still may need a logo, business card or brochure actually printed on paper.
    • We call that an “Identity Package”
    • We do that too.

Hypnotherapy For Success That Lasts

Neuroscientists now tell us that up to 95% of what we do everyday, we do unconsciously. Preprogrammed responses save our brains’ energy. It is a very efficient and effective system. It does not, however, allow us the control over our lives that we prefer to believe that we have. Understanding how the brain actually works, then deliberately programming the subconscious to make preferred behaviors automatic is a much easier way to achieve goals. Is there something that needs to change in your life or your business?