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Learn more about yourself, a partner, an employee, or check compatibility by comparing handwriting samples to each other.

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Learn How Your Handwriting Reveals The True You

Handwriting is much more than the physical process of writing down your thoughts and feelings on paper. Though it may express what you consciously think, it reveals much more to the trained observer. An individual’s behavior and personality traits reveal themselves through a subconscious ideomotor response. In other words, the shape, size, pressure and placement of your handwriting are expressions of what is going on in your subconscious mind – revealing the true you.

Your handwriting can change over time as you grow, mature and change. It can also reflect your mood and emotional state at the time you are writing. Your handwriting will show your motivation, personality, current or future behavior, mood of the moment, suggestibility, emotional state of mind and life script.

Just like in behavioral psychology, you can deliberately make changes in your personality by deliberately changing your handwriting.